Approved Purchasing Methods

For the procurement of goods and services, there are three approved methods of purchase:

  1. Purchase Order: The first and preferred purchasing method at the University is to submit a requisition through buyND. Once approved, a requisition becomes a purchase order, which allows you to communicate the items, quantities, and prices for items or services to a supplier.

  2. Procurement Card (Procard): The Procurement Card program at the University provides an efficient way to purchase low-dollar business-related goods and services. The Procard:
    1. Is a purchasing method for items less than $1,500 where a supplier will not accept a purchase order or is not enabled in buyND.
    2. Cannot be used to purchase from suppliers who are competitors of University strategic suppliers.
    3. Please click here for additional information or contact the Procard Administrator at (574) 631-4645 or

  3. Financial Toolkit: The Financial Toolkit should be used to request a payment to a business when neither of the first two methods are appropriate. Click here to access the Toolkit