Where to Buy

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the commodities below to search for the appropriate supplier for purchases. Strategic and preferred supplier contracts should be used whenever applicable to ensure the University leverages its buying power when purchasing products or services from an external supplier.

  1. Strategic Supplier: A supplier that has been selected by Procurement Services to supply products and/or services to the University, and has agreed to provide deep discounts to the University, as well as excellent product and customer service.  
  2. Preferred Supplier: A supplier that provided substantial benefits to the University through a university-wide contract, this which includes a discounted price agreement on all University purchases for the term of the contract.
  3. Approved Supplier: A supplier that has verbally agreed to provide catalog content and/or discounted pricing for the University of Notre Dame, or whose business volume growth potential may result in a new university-wide discount pricing agreement. 
  4. Small and Minority Business Supplier: A supplier that is certified by a recognized third-party certifying organization or a federal, state or local government certifying agency or program as meeting the specific program requirements of such organization or agency.

If a purchase is being considered with a new supplier that is not an Approved Supplier, submit a Supplier Add Form through buyND to request that the supplier be considered for Approved Supplier status. No business should be transacted with the supplier until Procurement Services negotiates terms and conditions with the supplier and a purchase order has been issued.

10 - Office Supplies 11 - Copiers and Office Machines 15 - Information Technology (Hardware) 16 - Information Technology (Software)
17 - Audio and Video Equipment 20 - Lab and Scientific Supplies 25 - Cleaning Equipment & Supplies 26 - MRO Parts, Supplies, Machinery
27 - HVAC 28 - Transportation, Vehicle Equipment and Supplies 30 - Furniture and Furnishings 40 - Food Products, Kitchen Equipment and Vending
46 - Safety and Security Equipment and Supplies 50 - Printing, Advertising, Photo and Copying Services 56 - Transportation, Relocation and Moving Services 65 - Construction, Repair and Renovation Services
66 - MRO Services 67 - Refuse Disposal and Risk Management Services 72 - Human Resource Services 80 - Mail, Parcel Package and Packing Services
00 - Misc