For Suppliers

Notre Dame Open Bids

To meet the growing demands of our campus users, the University has implemented a sourcing portal through our e-procurement platform, buyND+. This expedites the sourcing and bidding process by allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events electronically. By clicking here, suppliers can view and bid on Requests for Information, Requests for Bids, or Requests for Proposals.

Supplier Registration

To register as a supplier with the University of Notre Dame, you must be invited via PaymentWorks. We do not take unsolicited requests for registration.

CXML and Electronic Invoicing

buyND+ is Notre Dame’s eProcurement ecosystem hosted by Jaggaer. Notre Dame’s faculty and staff order goods and services through the Jaggaer system.  The Jaggaer system comprises punchout connections to supplier websites and hosted catalogs containing supplier’s products and related information.  These punchouts allow campus users to shop and efficiently requisition goods and services.  Notre Dame’s Procurement Services wants to add suppliers to its Jaggaer ecosystem. For more information, click here.

Jaggaer Supplier Portal

When filling out your PaymentWorks registration, you can answer whether you want to register in the Jaggaer Supplier Portal. This portal lets you view your PO information, such as annual spending, outstanding POs and invoices, and more. If you answer "yes," you will receive a separate email invitation from Jaggaer to register.

Commodity Codes

Select which commodity codes your items fall under when filling out the registration. The link below shows a list of all commodity codes for items our end users are eligible to purchase. Our codes are based on the UNSPSC codes. The more accurately you select these codes, the more likely our end users can find your products. You will only be able to select ten codes maximum. 

University of Notre Dame Commodity Codes

Supplier Expectations

Procurement Services' goal is to ensure that the products and services we purchase meet the needs of the faculty and staff of the University.  We establish business relationships with many suppliers, from large multinational corporations to small, locally-based diverse businesses. Our ideal supplier understands the university's mission and conducts business professionally and ethically.

Providing high-quality customer service and offering innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of our university is most valuable to us. 

University of Notre Dame Insurance Requirements

Please visit Insurance Requirements For Procurement for details.

Central Receiving and Deliveries

Visit Central Receiving's website for information on loading dock hours and related information.

Scammer Alert

The University of Notre Dame has become aware of several recent fraudulent purchasing attempts by individuals who have registered domains which look similar to the genuine University of Notre Dame domain (e.g., “” which is NOT owned by ND). These malicious actors attempt to place illegitimate orders using certain information from the University’s website and instruct vendors to bill the University through our Accounts Payable process, thereby procuring products without paying for them.

Please be on the lookout for purchase requests from such illegitimate senders by verifying that sender contact information from the University is correct. If you suspect an attempted fraud or have any questions or concerns, please contact Procurement Services at 574-631-4289 or email at