For Suppliers

Supplier Registration

Please assist us in complying with federal regulations by completing the Federal Form W-9 available on IRS' website. Please e-mail the form to Procurement Services at, fax 574-631-8445, or mail to:

Procurement Services
University of Notre Dame
709 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556.

Standard Terms & Conditions on purchase orders (PDF)

Supplier Expectations

Procurement Services' goal is to ensure that the products and services we purchase meet the needs of the faculty and staff of the University.  We establish business relationships with many suppliers from large multi-national corporations to small locally based diverse businesses. Our ideal supplier is one who understands the mission of the university and conducts its business in a professional and ethical manner.

Providing a high quality customer service and offering innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of our university is most valuable to us. 

Accounts Payable

For inquiries on invoice payments, please contact the Accounts Payable office at 574-631-8274 or email

Central Receiving and Deliveries

Visit Central Receiving's website for information on loading dock hours and related information.

Sourcing System

To meet the growing demands of our campus users, the University has implemented a sourcing portal through our e-procurement platform. This is designed to expedite the sourcing and bidding process by allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events electronically. Suppliers invited to bid on Requests for Informations, Requests for Bids, or Requests for Proposals will receive invitations to register for and bid on sourcing events. At this time, sourcing events are not made open to the public to bid.