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Procurement Services

709 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574-631-4289
Fax: 574-631-8445

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm (Eastern).
Notre Dame, Indiana follows the same time zone as New York year-round and observes daylight saving time.

Location/Map: Located on the north end of Campus in Grace Hall (Bldg. 1086, on Holy Cross Drive)

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Team Member Phone Area of Responsibility
Gilberto Carles
Senior Director, Procurement Services
574-631-0946 Overall responsibility for Procurement Services, strategic development, policy and procedure, planning, and business execution
Kevin Cannon
Associate Director, Strategic Sourcing
574-631-4369 Leads a team of Procurement Specialists and Buying Assistants. Responsible for strategic sourcing, commodity management, cost control, transaction facilitation, environmental procurement
Charity Roberts
Assistant Director, Procurement Services
574-631-4977 Responsible for strategic sourcing, contracts, cost control, and transaction facilitation
Mike Voss
Procurement Specialist
574-631-9510 Information Technology Hardware & Software, Audio/Video Equipment, Telecom & Network Equipment, IT Services, FCC Licensing
Jonathan Hall
Procurement Specialist
574-631-5259 Printing, Copiers/Office Machines, Advertising, Art, Photographic, Duplicating Services, Temporary Services
RaSheda Humphrey
Procurement Specialist
574-631-4368 Facilities, Landscape, Maintenance, Repair & Operations, Furniture, Theater, Athletics, Food Services
Michelle Prough
Procurement Specialist
574-631-5095 Science & Engineering: Lab/Scientific & Medical Equipment, Lab/Scientific Supplies
Tina Healey
Procurement Specialist
574-631-4190 Athletics
Eileen A. Miller
Procurement Coordinator
574-631-2834 Science & Engineering: Lab/Scientific & Medical Equipment, Lab/Scientific Supplies
Liam McCauley
Contracts Specialist
574-631-6815 Contracts administration and support. Liaison to Office of General Counsel. Travel management, travel contracts, Anthony Travel, travelND, Chase.
Michele Sommer
Procurement Associate
574-631-0370 Contracts administration and support. Help Desk and buyND e-Procurement operations, support, and supplier setup.
Lance Harris
Sourcing Specialist 
  Procurement Specialist support in all commodities
Purchasing Specialist    
Jon Schlundt
Asst. Director, Procurement Systems & Analytics
574-631-1267 Systems management for travelND, buyND e-Procurement and e-Sourcing initiative, business intelligence, analytics, and communications
Diane Kennedy
Senior Technical Analyst
574-631-0469 Systems administration support and operations for buyND and travelND, data analysis, reporting analytics, and communications
Alfredo Rangel
Procurement Financial & Systems Analyst
574-631-8216 travelND training, support, and operations for buyND and travelND, data analysis and reporting
Abigail Maines
Procurement Analyst
574-631-4289 Help Desk, travelND, and buyND e-Procurement operations, and support