Invoicing in buyND+

Benefits of Invoicing in buyND+ 

  • Simplifies receiving and invoicing
  • Automates the process of matching POs with receipts and invoice
  • Ability to approve supplier invoices within the system
  • It gives complete visibility into our purchase order department and organizational spend
  • It saves the University time and money

When you place an order in buyND+, as usual, you can track your requisition to purchase order status; now, you can also track the invoice status.

buyND+ Quick Reference Guides:

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Invoice FAQ's

How do I know if the supplier has been paid?
  • Open the invoice document and view the Payment Status field - If the status shows "Paid," the supplier has been issued payment.
Do I need to enter a receipt if my PO is in a soft-closed status?
  • A receipt is not required if your Standard PO is in a soft-close status.  However, you can enter a receipt if you desire.  

Why is my purchase order in a "soft close" status?
  • The system will automatically match the invoice to the purchase order and any receipts created on the purchase order.  When these match, the system automatically places the PO in a soft-close status.
Do I have to create a receipt for every purchase order?
  • If your purchase order is over $150, it is important to create a receipt so Accounts Payable staff knows you received your product or service and therefore, the supplier can be paid.
What is invoice matching?
  • The two-way match compares the invoice received from a vendor with the Purchase Order. The three-way match is used to match the  details of PO, Goods Receipt, and the Invoice document received from the vendor.
  • Invoice matching in accounts payable allows the system to match the vendor's invoices with purchase orders and received quantities of goods or services before the invoices are processed and paid. It automates the verification of these documents to ensure that an invoice should be paid.