Contract FAQ

What is a contract management system?

A contract management system is a system that manages the full lifecycle of a contract from the contract creation through the ending of the executed contract.  The contract system is a component of buyND that can be used for all contract types across campus.  It has features that allow for contract requests, creation and editing, internal review, external review, workflow approval, e-signatures, and a fully searchable repository.

Is this contract management system only for procurement contracts?

No, the contract system can be used for all types of contracts and requests.  The system is a component of buyND, but it has been configured in partnership with General Counsel to be the default pathway for contracts to be executed for the University.

I have a question about creating or managing a contract.  Who can I contact for help?

If your department or area has a contract manager, that person may be able to help answer contract-related questions. General Counsel may also be able to assist with contract questions.