Contract FAQ

What is a contract management system?

A contract management system is a system that manages the full lifecycle of a contract from the contract creation through ending of the executed contract.  The contract system is a component of buyND that can be used for all contract types across campus.  It has features that allows for contract requests, creation and editing, internal review, external review, workflow approval, e-signatures and a full searchable repository.

Is this contract management system only for procurement contracts?

No, the contract system can be used for all types of contract and requests.  The system is a component  of buyND but it has been configured in partnership with General Counsel to be the default pathway for contracts to be executed for the University.

How can I get more information on the contract management system?

You can request a session with the project team to see how the contract system can be used in your department.  Please fill out the Google form.  These department sessions will start in early 2021.

I have a question on creating or managing a contract.  Who can I contract for help?

If your department or area has a contract manager, that person may be able to help answer contract related questions.  The procurement help desk 1-4289 can also be contact for support of the contract system.  General Counsel may also be able to assist with contract questions.