New buyND Updates!

Author: Alfredo Rangel

New updates coming to buyND on April 3rd. These updates increase usable screen space, are more aesthetically pleasing, and delivers a more intuitive user experience. You will see new application icons, navigation sidebar, and screen header improvements. Below are previews of these updates.

New buyND Home Page

New Buynd Ui

New Navigation Menu

New Navigation Menu








New Page Header

New Screen Header

  1. Quick Search- gives you access to a variety of searches, such as POs, requisitions, and receipts.
  2. Cart Preview- allows you to get a quick view of your active shopping cart.
  3. Bookmarks- configure bookmarks for quick access to commonly used pages.
  4. Notifications- certain action items, such as submitted requisition or approvals will trigger notifications.
  5. Action Items- items that require some sort of action, such as requisition approval.
  6. Profile- contains key information about a user, including contact information, ship-to addresses, FOAPALs, etc.


Please contact our Helpdesk for more information or if you have any questions about the new buyND updates.

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