How to Pay

The timely payment of purchase order invoices is a priority for the University and payment of supplier invoices are set according to agreed upon payment terms during registration and ongoing negotiations.

Suppliers are directed to submit all purchase order invoices to or via mail to 725 Grace Hall to Accounts Payable for processing. Accounts Payable is responsible for processing invoices and issuing payments for companies.

Accounts Payables verifies that the quantities and prices on the invoice match the related purchase order and that the items have been Received by the end user in buyND. Receiving is the authorization for Accounts Payable to pay the supplier’s invoice. Receiving should be done one to three business days after physical receipt of most items. Receiving on high-cost items can wait until the items and their conditions can be verified.

Travel, Meeting, and ProCards should be reconciled in Concur. For additional information about payments and reimbursements, please click here.