VWR Shipment Updates

Author: Alfredo Rangel

VWR is moving deliveries from their Batavia Distribution Center to a once per week schedule on Wednesdays.  This consolidation of orders will only apply to orders shipping from Batavia and can be determined by the “Shipping from: Chicago Distribution Center” on the order confirmation.

Orders that have origins from any of VWR's other distribution centers (Philadelphia, Atlanta, Visalia) will not be affected by this change. Orders that are shipped directly from the supplier will also not be impacted. All items in a customer’s shopping cart give the shipping information. The cart shows from which distribution center the item will ship. End users can also reach out to Robert Truckowski (Bobby), our on campus VWR liaison. He will be able to quickly let you know which distribution center your product would be coming from by checking the VWR internal system.  Bobby will be available to give quick responses.

If there are any emergency orders that are available to ship, please contact Bobby Truckowski with the details of the order and he  will work to get the item(s) shipped sooner. Bobby's contact information is as follows.
Office: 574 631-9968
Cell: 574 440-2220