Upgraded buyND User Interface

Author: Javier Hernandez

On October 28th, 2013, Procurement Services will roll out an upgraded user interface to replace the current buyND look. The upgraded interface will offer a more streamlined approach to navigating to make interacting with the application easier. While the home and banner screens will have a different look, navigation within each menu folder will remain the same.

Updates to the system include:

  • A clean, slide-out menu to display available menu options. Menu options will be grouped by related tasks.
  • Action Items and Notifications located in the top banner area. Both are clickable and will take you to the appropriate screens.
  • A clickable shopping cart icon in the banner area for a quick view of your active cart from anywhere in the application.
  • A clickable magnifying glass icon for a Quick Search of the application.
  • A new Bookmark feature for quick access to commonly used pages.
  • A new Menu Search option. By typing in a keyword, you will receive a list of pages containing that keyword.

Video tutorials using the upgraded user interface to assist with some of the most commonly used features can be found here.

Additional information on the upgrade, including scheduled demo dates and a quick reference guide, can be found here.

buyND classes integrating the new user interface will be available beginning on October 21st. As always, our help desk is available at 631-4289 should you have any questions.