UPS, FedEX to deliver small packages directly to campus offices: Starting 6/24/19 update the delivery address in your BuyND profile

Author: Alfredo Rangel

Dear buyND users:

Beginning Monday, July 1st, carriers like UPS and FedEx will deliver small packages directly to campus departments rather than going through Central Receiving. In order to ensure proper delivery, faculty and staff will need to utilize a standard delivery address when placing an order through buyND or otherwise. Please update your profile starting June 24th, 2019.

Within the next few days, your department will receive a card from Central Receiving that lists your office’s standard delivery address, which is where Central Receiving currently delivers your packages. Please go to your BuyND profile and update your delivery address by Friday, June 28. If you have any trouble doing so, please contact the Procurement Services Help Desk at (574) 631-4289, or visit

Purchases made outside BuyND will also need to reflect the standard delivery addresses. See details and instructions below.

Advantages to direct deliveries

  • Packages may be received earlier.
  • Tracking will be available through the carrier all the way to receipt; whereas, tracking currently stops once delivered to Central Receiving
  • Email notification may be available through the carrier.
  • Large freight (e.g., semi-trailer loads), radioactive material, and any other required packages, will continue to be delivered to Central Receiving and then scheduled for delivery to campus.

Steps for BuyND users

  • buyND users whose profile address currently includes 100 Mason Center will need to update their profile address so buyND requisitions can be successfully submitted.
  • The Procurement Services Help Desk (631-4289) is available to provide guidance to update user profiles. Self-help information is also available here
  • In buyND, the delivery address in your profile will be in the following format:

Contact Name
Address Line 2(of your Standard Delivery Address)
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Please remember that deliveries may be rejected or delayed by carriers if proper delivery locations are not used. Contact Central Receiving at (574) 631-6383 with any questions.