Top 10 things that a Researcher should know about Procurement @ ND

Author: Javier Hernandez

Purchasing for research can be complex, but there are resources at the University that can help navigate the process. 

Procurement Services, in collaboration with ND Research, Research & Sponsored Accounting, and Risk Management & Safety, facilitate research procurement so researchers can focus on research and teaching.  “We have contracts with suppliers to meet the needs of the research community”, says procurement specialist, Tina Healey, who focuses on the science and engineering purchases. 

Why get procurement involved early?

  1. Facilitates sourcing requests or quotes
  • When putting together a request for proposal, let procurement request and negotiate pricing for products, equipment, or services.  They can also assist in finding a supplier for competitive bids and/or diversity supplier to meet specific sponsored funding requirements.
  1. Reviews purchase contracts and agreements
  • Procurement collaborates with the Office of General Counsel to review purchase contracts and other agreements.  Procurement will take steps to mitigate contractual risk and advise on any business related terms so you can make informed decisions.
  • As a reminder, only members of the President’s Leadership Committee or their assigned designates can sign contractual documents.
  • In addition, supplier representatives who come on-campus to perform maintenance, service, or provide training are required to sign an Insurance & Indemnification Form.  This process may be done in advance so there are no delays at the time of performance.
  1. Assists with ordering requirements
  • Procurement can assist in completing the supplier selection form required for compliance with bidding policy (purchases over $5,000) and audit purposes.  The staff can also satisfy other requirements such as supplier’s minimum order threshold, restricted items that require special licenses, or other documentation.
  1. Has contracts with preferred suppliers and on-site supplier representation
  • VWR, which manages an on-site stockroom in Jordan Hall of Science, is our primary supplier for lab supplies and they also manage an on-site stockroom in Jordan Hall of Science.
  • Airgas is the primary supplier for gas cylinders. 
  • The University also has pricing agreements with other suppliers such as Bio-Rad, Dot Scientific and others.
  1. Can facilitate international purchases or shipping

International purchases can be complex with varying terms and expectations from suppliers.  Over the years, we have facilitated purchases from and shipments to Haiti, Switzerland, UK, Germany and other countries.  Knichel Logistics is our preferred provider for shipping internationally (import and export).

  1. Collaborates with Research & Sponsored Accounting, Risk Management and ND Research

This collaboration allows us to process complex purchase requests, mitigate risks and comply with internal and external policies including export control regulations.

  1. Supports programs that are integral to the mission of the University

Procurement Services identifies and promotes diverse suppliers, and advocates for the use of green products to support the University’s sustainability initiative.

  1. Can meet with you to discuss how Procurement can best serve you in your research

Schedule a one-on-one to to discuss your research procurement needs.  Procurement staff can also visit your department or lab to do an informational session on buyND or general procurement practices.

  1. Assists with buyND and travelND

Training sessions are offered regularly. Sign-up for a class through the Endeavor system. You may also contact our Help Desk at 631-4289 or email or for assistance.

  1. Is a phone call or email away

Contact Tina Healey, (; 631-5095) procurement specialist, or Eileen Miller, (; 631-2834) procurement coordinator for assistance.