Office Depot Contract Extension

Author: Javier Hernandez

We are pleased to announce that Notre Dame has extended its contract with Office Depot. You will receive the same great service with savings on most items. Purchases can be made through the Office Depot punchout on buyND or at the Office Depot retail store in Mishawaka (for registered Procard users).

As part of its renewed commitment with Notre Dame, Office Depot is promoting the Boise Aspen 30 Multi-Use Recycled Copy Paper at $29.99 per case. The Boise Aspen is a 30% post-consumer fiber paper with SFI-certified fiber sourcing and is performance certified by BLI. The current 30% recycled paper is the Office Depot "Green Top" at $33.99 per case. The Boise paper is a savings of $4.00 per case. For paper with no recycled content, the Office Depot "Red Top", is priced at $34.99 per case, down from $37.92.