New Risk Management and Safety Screening Procedure

Author: Alfredo Rangel

Procurement Services, in partnership with Risk Management & Safety, have relabeled three Product Flags: Industrial Equipment, Radioactive/Lasers, and Hazardous Chemicals/Biological Agents.

Non Catalog Form

Please click the Product Flag label to see if the non-catalog item you are purchasing meets any of the criteria. If an item meets any of the criteria listed below, it needs to be reviewed by Risk Management & Safety, and the check box next to the corresponding Product flag label is to be clicked. If you are unsure, click the corresponding check box. For any questions or more information about the criteria or Risk Management & Safety, please visit their website or reach out to Mary Beth Greendonner.

Industrial Equipment:

  • Does the item being purchased require any of the following power sources to run?
    • Electricity ≥ 220 Volts
    • Propane
    • Battery, e.g., cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, marine vehicles, heavy-duty and commercial-use vehicles
  • Is the item a machine with exposed moving parts?
  • Is the item being procured a crane or a hoist?
  • Is the item a powered industrial truck, such as, but not limited to, fork truck, aerial lift, dump truck, front end loader, etc.?
  • Does the item generate noise ≥85 dB?
  • Does the item generate off gases, fumes, vapors or another atmospheric hazard?
  • Is a contractor required to install or set up the item?
  • Does the item increase the risk of human health exposure to chemicals or release of any materials to the environment?
  • Does the equipment add a new process to the area?
  • Will additional training be required for personnel due to the addition of this equipment, e.g., fall protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, etc.?


  • Radioactive material includes naturally occurring radioactive material (uranium, thorium, radium) as well as man-made.

Hazardous Chemicals/Biological Agents:

  • Particularly hazardous chemicals as defined by OSHA
  • Biological agents (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, recombinant materials), cell lines, blood, select agents, prions
  • Services for remediation / removal of hazardous chemicals and wastes, weapons, ammunition