New Lenovo notebook models

Author: Javier Hernandez

The standard Lenovo notebooks have been updated with the latest models and improved specifications. This update was discussed and approved by the OIT and a committee of IT Directors.

The new notebook models feature 14” and 15.6” Productivity Notebooks and a 15.6” Workstation model; all with DVDRW optical drives. Also available are 12.5” and 14” Ultrabook models that provide a lighter weight and faster processing due to the integrated 256GB SSD drives. These new models (and the associated docks for notebooks) are listed in the buyND Favorites for easy ordering. Read more about the new models and the specifications here. You will also find the summarized datasheets (PDF) that can be shared within the department.

The desktops were updated in September 2013 and continue to feature a Tiny and an Advanced Tower model.

For questions or more information, please contact Dan Brewer at or call 1-9510.