buyND - Now checks for valid FOP combinations

Author: Clint Casper

Beginning February 15, 2013, the Fund-Org-Program (FOP) combinations on requisitions submitted in buyND will be validated to ensure each combination is valid. A requestor that submits a requisition which contains an incorrect FOP combination will receive a system generated email notification that the requisition has been returned.

The requestor will be able to view these returned requisitions in the “Draft Carts” screen within buyND system, correct the FOP combination and resubmit. You may prevent such errors by entering the correct FOP combinations and using the FOP lookup tool prior to submitting the requisition. This enhancement will increase the efficiency of posting buyND purchase orders with correct FOP combinations and reduce re-work.

Detailed instructions and screenshots regarding this enhancement (PDF)

Please call the Procurement Help Desk at 631-4289 or email if you have any questions or need assistance in buyND.