2011 Fiscal Year End Schedule


In order to ensure a smooth transition to the new fiscal year, please plan and prepare your purchasing activities. Please note the following timeline to ensure purchase orders are placed in fiscal year 2011.

  • June 3: Requisitions greater than $25K must be submitted to allow for the bidding process to occur. Check the bidding guidelines for more information.
  • June 10: Requisitions greater than $5K but less than $25K must be submitted.
  • June 24: buyND requisitions requiring financial, Risk Management, RSPA, Fixed Asset, and/or Procurement Services approval must be submitted. This deadline will allow for any necessary approvals and ensure that purchase orders are processed by June 30th.
  • June 30: Last day to process buyND catalog purchase orders under $5000 (e.g., Office Depot, GovConnection, Fisher Scientific, etc.) in fiscal year 2011.
  • July 1: New fiscal year begins and purchase orders will be placed with new year funds.

The complete year-end schedule is available on the Controller's Group website.

Please feel free to contact the Procurement Services Help Desk at 1-4289 with any questions.