Travel & Expense

The University has implemented preferred tools and methods for the booking and payment of travel and entertainment:

  1. Concur/travelND: travelND is a comprehensive program that covers the travel and expense reimbursement process. Individuals will use travelND/Concur to reconcile any business expenses incurred. The system benefits include:
    1. Electronic submission of expense reports with visibility into status and audit trail.
    2. Users of the JPMorgan Chase Visa travel card will have expenses appear automatically in the new expense report system, saving the time and trouble of data entry.
    3. You’ll be able to electronically track your expense report through the approval process.
    4. Improves process efficiency
    5. Improves policy compliance
    6. Enhances cost savings
  2. Travel and Meeting Card: 
    1. The travel card is a fast, flexible method of processing purchases while traveling on University business. It also helps card holders keep business expenses separate from personal expenses while traveling. 
    2. The meeting card is used for booking group travel and events offering much higher credit limits to accommodate costs. The card typically stays with the meeting arranger and is not provided to the travelers. The meeting card is not for individual travel. 
    3. Additional information about the different card types can be found here.

For more information about University’s travel program, please click here.