Sign-up for a buyND training class in Endeavor. After logging in navigate to "Learning" on the blue navigation bar and select "Catalog". Search for “buyND” in the catalog for available classes.

How To... Training Guide:
Set up your profile, shop, search and track requisitions, receive your purchase orders, and much more in buyND

Training Manual - (PDF)

Navigate the user interface in buyND Navigation Reference Guide - (PDF)
Access, review, and approve requisitions in buyND Approval Reference Guide - (PDF)
Search and track requisitions and purchase orders in buyND Document Search Reference Guide - (PDF)
Change/cancel a PO or request a supplier add in buyND Procurement Services Forms Reference Guide - (PDF)
Complete the Fixed Asset Review/University Inventory section Fixed Asset Review/University Inventory Guide - (PDF)
How to split activity and location codes Split Activity and Location Codes - (PDF)
When and how to use sponsored research funds in buyND Using Sponsored Research Funds - (PDF)
Create a blanket PO in buyND Blanket PO Reference Guide - (PDF)
Create a contract PO in buyND Contract PO Reference Guide - (PDF)
How to use the buyND mobile app for approvals buyND Mobile App - (PDF)
Order from Express Press Express Press Reference Guide - (PDF)
Additional Resources
Commodity Codes list - A commodity code is a number designed to identify particular products.  Commodity Code List - (PDF)
Look up valid Fund, Organization, Program code combinations prior to submitting transactions. FOP Lookup Tool
Location of UPS drop boxes on campus UPS Drop Box Locations