Upgrade version 14.3

November 3, 2014 buyND Version 14.3

Here are some key features in this upgrade:

  • Ability to Rename Bookmarks: Users can change the bookmark names by accessing the Bookmark menu and selecting the Edit button. Beside each bookmark is the edit icon. When you click on this icon, the name field becomes editable. You can enter and save a new name for the bookmark. 
  • Approver Visibility of POs and Invoices: Approvers will have the ability to search and access all documents they approved and that were related to documents they approved.
    • The approver of a PR can search and access PO’s generated from the approved PR.
    • The approver of a PR or PO can search and access invoices created as a result of the approved PR/PO.
    • The approver name can be searched via the Participant field of the PO or Invoice advanced search.
  • Ability to Upload Multiple Attachments to Documents, Forms, and Non-Catalog items: Users now have the ability to add multiple attachments at one time. In addition to documents and forms, you can add multiple attachments to non-catalog items. The new Add Attachment button displays where attachments can be added. Clicking on this button opens the Add Attachments window.
    • To add multiple file attachments:
      • Click on the Select Files button. This will allows you to select files from your hard driver or server. 
      • Select the files you wish to attach and then click the Open button.
      • The files will be attached. You can override the file names by typing over them in the text box. Note: The original file name will display when the attachment is downloaded.
      • Click the Save Changes button to save the attachments.
  • Ability to Move Attachments on Forms and Purchasing Documents: Users now have the ability to move attachments from external, meaning suppliers can view, or internal, meaning only organizations users can view.
    • Attachments are managed on the Summary tab of the document.
      • A Remove drop-down link displays to the right of each attachment. When you click on the link two options will display: 
      • Select the Remove option to delete the attachment entirely. 
      • Select the Move Attachment to... option to move the attachment to internal or external.
      • When the type is changed, the attachment moves to display in the appropriate area (Internal Attachments or Attachments for Supplier).