Upgrade version 14.2

July 21, 2014 buyND Version 14.2

Here are some key features in this upgrade:

  • Improved Usability Updates to User Profile: In User Profile, the navigation hyperlinks have been replaced with a new navigation sidebar that is in use on several other pages (such as Supplier Profile and Roles Management). This means that, from any page within the profile, users can easily move to any other profile page without returning to any type of landing page.
  • Email Preferences renamed to Notification Preferences: The Email Preferences section in User Profile has been renamed to Notification Preferences, as this page controls both email and in-app notification settings. The Notification Preferences have been split into multiple pages (like Permissions) to make it easier to find and access the settings. 
  • Dedicated Supplier Management Navigation: With 14.2, a new icon designated for Supplier Management functions will be located in the left-hand navigation pane. Customer users will find supplier-specific tasks such as searching for suppliers, managing registration invitations, and creating new suppliers under the new navigation icon.
  • Collapsible Product Showcases: Beginning with the 14.2 release, users will be able to collapse individual showcases to hide their contents from view, if the showcase contains items which are not pertinent to that user, so they can more easily locate the showcases that they use more often. After the user logs out and logs back in, the system will remember any showcases that have been collapsed and will keep them collapsed.