Upgrade version 12.3

November 4, 2012 buyND version 12.3 

Here are some of the key features in this upgrade:


  • New approval interface and process: On November 4th, buyND approvers will notice changes on the Approval tab. The most notable change is the option to view requisitions in a list or group them by folders.  Additional changes have been made to increase efficiency while approving such as an enhanced ability to sort, filter, and display requisitions as well as to manage substitutions. Also, additional requisition information will be viewable without having to open a requisition. Please view the quick reference guide for detailed information on the approval enhancements.
  • Document attachment as filter criteria for document search: Users will have the ability to search for documents that have attachments. A document status “with attachments” has been added under the status flags section. The criteria can be set from the Advanced Search or as post search filter criteria. When this status is selected, only documents with attachments will be returned in the search.