Upgrade version 12.2

7/23/12 buyND version 12.2 available

Here are some of the key features in this upgrade:


  • Improved navigation for approvers:
  • In addition to the next and previous link, there has also been a new option added to the available actions called Approve/Complete and Show Next. This option allows the approver to approve the current document they are on and immediately be taken to the next document in their approval queue.
  • With this new feature, approvers can open a purchase order for approval and navigate between the documents that are in the folder. On the document there is a next and previous link at the top. As part of the navigation, the user also sees the current approval queue displayed underneath the next and previous links. If the approver is assigned to multiple approval queues they can tell which approval queue they are working in.
  • New Date Options in Document Search: More pre-defined date ranges are now available in Document Search. These new options allow more flexibility when using specific date ranges to search for documents.
  • Document Attachment Icon: With this upgrade, a paperclip icon appears beside the document number on the results page to indicate there are attachments associated with the document. Clicking on the icon will open the document and take the user directly to the attachments tab. The icon is available for all requisitions and purchase orders that have attachments.