Upgrade version 11.3

11/07/11 buyND version 11.3 now available

Here are the new features in this upgrade:
  • Assign substitute feature on all your approval folders: Approvers can now assign a substitute and end substitution for all their approval folders at one time; including those folders with no current requisitions pending. Approvers will see two options from their approval screen, “Assign substitute to this folder” and “Assign substitute to all folders”.
  • Sorting on approval screens: You can now sort documents by a specific column and have that order used each time you visit the screen during subsequent logins. The sort preference affects all approval folders that you have access to. Simply click on any sortable column and the sort will be remembered each time you visit the page.
  • Receipt quick view: This feature provides you with the ability to view the pertinent information about a receipt without having to navigate away from the current screen. This allows you to view several documents more quickly and to access important information without unnecessary navigation. The quick view icon is available on the receipt search results page and the purchase order receipt tab.