Upgrade version 11.2

7/25/11 buyND version 11.2 now available

Here are the new features in this upgrade:


  • Accounting Code Favorites: Users can now store combinations of favorite accounting codes in their profiles and access them in the cart. Users who buy for different projects or who split purchases across different codes can store these frequently used combinations in their profiles and quickly select to use them during checkout:
    • Setup:
      • Profile / Codes, FOAPAL, Addresses tab / Code Favorites tab
      • Select the add button to create your FOAPAL combinations. Split percentages can also be available to store with the codes.
    • Checkout:
      • Users can pull from their code favorites list during checkout, speeding up the requisition process for users with access to multiple codes.
  • View all document comments / history in a single location: Reviewing the comments and history for an order is a common way to track status and view an audit trail of the events. With this new feature, users can select to view all comments or history to see all of the associated information on the requisition, purchase order and receipt. This provides the ability to see all related comments on a single comments tab and saves valuable time toggling to different screens.
  • Detailed Approval Email Notification: Approvers will now receive an enhanced email notification containing detailed order and line information.
  • The Ability to Re-open and Delete a Receipt: This feature allows the requestor to re-open a receipt and make edits or delete thereceipt. When reopening a receipt, the user will be forced to enter a comment on the receipt as to why they are reopening the receipt. This comment gets recorded in the receipt history. After entering a comment, the receipt will be in draft mode, allowing the user to edit or delete the receipt.
  • Receiving Enhancement: Add comments/audit trail on receipts – This feature gives the user the ability to add comments to receipts. In addition to comments, an audit trail has been created that will not only keep track of the comments but also changes made to the receipt. The comments and audit trail on receipts is also available as part of the feature that allows users to view all comments and audit trail entries on a single tab.