Upgrade version 10.3

11/8/2010 buyND version 10.3 now available

Here are the new features in this upgrade:
  • Shopping Cart and Submit Requisition Enhancements: There are a few changes that improve the shopping cart functionality in buyND: Guided Requisition Submit Process
  1. The shopping cart has a new look with a guided requisition submit process at the top of the page. This will give you quick access to specific areas such as Ship-to, FOAPAL, etc. The "Edit Cart" screen is still available in the system.

  2. Show monetary calculations for FOAP splits: Users can now click on the Show Monetary Calculation link to see the dollar amounts based on the FOAP splits.

  3. Attachments Tab: An attachments tab has been added to the requisition. All attachments to the requisition (internal and external) can now be seen on this tab. The number of attachments will display in parenthesis after the tab heading as well.

  4. Comments Tab: The comments tab will now track the number of comments added to the requisition. The number will display in parenthesis after the tab heading.

  • Option to change font size throughout buyND: A new font size selector is available in the main menu bar for users to quickly increase or decrease the font size in the system. Users can select from three different font sizes for a personal setting that the application will remember for subsequent logins.
  • For Approvers - Rejecting a requisition: Approvers now have the ability to reject all lines of a requisition in one single action. This feature provides approvers a streamlined process for rejecting a requisition. Approvers will continue to have the option reject by line at the line item level.
  • Preview requisition and purchase order in search results: When viewing search results or approval folders for requisitions and purchase orders, users will now have the ability to see a quick "preview" of the document without having to leave the search results screen.
    • Click on the small preview icon next to the req or PO number (small maginfying class icon) to see an overlay that displays information about that document, including supplier and line data.
    • When viewing the overlay in the approvals tab, if the document is assigned to he user, it can be approved directly from the overlay without having to open the document.