Upgrade version 10.1

3/28/10 buyND version 10.1 available

Here are the new features in this upgrade:
  • New email reminder for pending approvals: An email reminder will be sent to the approver with a pending requisition that is older than 7 days, reminding them to approve/reject the requisition. A second email reminder will be sent to the approver after 3 days if the requisition still requires action.
  • Standard email notification enhancements: The standard email notifications for workflow related actions has been enhanced with additional information. For relevant requisition actions, the email notification now contains information on who prepared the cart, who rejected a requisition along any notes and the cart name and number.
  • Additional filters have been added in the product search result for hosted catalogs: Users can now filter by green products, energy star and recycled flags. Please note that the filter options on the product is highly dependent on the supplier providing the information in the catalog.