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Procurement Services, in partnership with the ND Innovates team, will be introducing a new, simpler, and more streamlined experience in the procurement process, from source-to-pay.

Managed supplier catalogs and new purchase request forms will provide you a unique buying experience as well as provide a competitive cost-saving marketplace. By concentrating spend with more preferred suppliers, buyND will increase your future bargaining power.

Please stay tuned for more information on these exciting new changes coming in 2020!


Monthly Newsletters:

contractsND, powered by buyND+: 

Procurement Services and the Office of General Counsel have announced the addition of contractsND, a new, easy-to-use University contract system that debuts Monday, Dec. 14.  contractsND, which will be housed in the buyND+ system, digitizes and stores all contracts into a central repository, providing a way for stakeholders to search for and review various University contracts. Please visit the contractsND web page for more information.

Invoicing in buyND+:

We are pleased to announce Accounts Payable Invoicing capabilities will be available in buyND+ in December

This module automates all AP tasks:

  • Simplifies receiving and invoicing
  • Automates the process of matching PO’s with receipts and invoice
  • Ability to approve supplier invoices within the system
  • Gives full visibility into our purchase order department and organizational spend
  • Saves the University time and money

When you place an order in buyND+, as usual, you will be able to track your requisition to purchase order status; and now you can also track the invoice status.

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buyND+ has a New Look:

New Search and Shopping Results View:
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New Shopping Cart:
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New Requisition View:
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buyND+ New Features: 

Invoicing in buyND+ (active in December) featured in October Newsletter:
  • When you place an order in buyND+, as usual, you will be able to track your requisition to purchase order status; and now you can also track the invoice status. 
buyND+ New Enhanced Search Feature (active now) featured in September Newsletter:
  • On October 19th, shoppers will notice enhanced search capabilities in buyND. The new search allows users to locate and manage purchasing and invoicing documents quickly.
  • The new search is in effect for: Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Change Requests, and Invoices.
New Supplier Add Form (active soon) featured in September Newsletter:
  • buyND+ will feature a new form for supplier add requests. The form design gives you a guided experience and walks you through the supplier add process. This form will encourage all users of the system to stay in compliance with the University guidelines.
Assign Cart Feature (active soon) featured in September Newsletter:
  • The Assign Cart feature allows a shopper to add items to a shopping cart and "assign" the cart to another person to finish the purchasing process.
PO Change/Cancel Request Form (active soon) featured in October Newsletter:
  • Shoppers will soon have the capability to process a change on a purchase order themselves in buyND+. This streamlined process will save you time and ensure the appropriate approvers are notified of the pending change.  Although the process is changing, the guidelines for change orders remain the same.
Mobile App (active soon) featured in July Newsletter:
  • With the buyND+ (Jaggaer) mobile app you have access to a secure mobile app that allows you to view attachments and comments, plus approve purchase orders, and requisition orders on-the-go. You can also identify other approvers to keep the workflow moving.


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